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Finding True Joy

As a successful doctor with an amazing family, Liz still felt completely empty and hopeless. Hear how Liz found the secret to ultimate joy and contentment.

“I started looking for ways to be happy. I just did whatever would bring me that high,” she says.  She recalls trying all sorts of things, like drinking, playing sports, and traveling the world. But none of it gave her happiness. 

Instead, she says, “I just felt such darkness, such discomfort, such discontentment with where I was in life.”

Out of desperation, she started to search online for ways to find happiness, and every time the search results included a website about Jesus. Liz ignored it, but it kept showing up. Eventually, she decided to check it out.

“I clicked on the website and said, ‘Well, what do I have to lose?’” Liz remembers. 

It led her to a prayer, which Liz decided to pray. And then, something happened.

Liz says, “I didn’t really realize what had happened at that moment. However, there was this overwhelming sense of peace that I’d never felt before. I felt contentment.”

Are you searching for contentment? Have you tried countless methods to achieve happiness for yourself? Are you desperately in need of peace in your life, or of a sense of purpose?

There is a way to find it.

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