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Hitting Rock Bottom

At age 16, Jack completely lost interest in attending church, so he just stopped going. As he walked away from God, his life went off the rails and he ultimately ended up in jail. How could God accept him back?

“The first time in jail is a little scary, but you get used to it after going back there so many times,” he remembers. “You get to a point where you just don’t care anymore, and that’s where I was at.”

Every time Jack was released from jail, he’d read the Bible and go to church a few times, only to go back to his same old ways of living. He developed an addiction to drinking and struggled with dissatisfaction in life. 

“You get that empty feeling, and it just doesn’t go away. You try to fill it with something,” he said. 

After getting a divorce and having the police take his children away from him due to custody problems, he hit rock bottom. 

He remembers how it affected him. “It just broke me down. I can’t describe the ugliness that I felt. It just brought me to my knees.” 

But in these struggles, Jack found love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, and hope for a new life. “I wasn’t the same person I am now,” he testifies. “That’s for sure.”

Maybe you are at rock bottom, finding yourself at your knees, feeling this same ugliness, an emptiness in your soul. Perhaps you too are dealing with the loss of what is precious to you, or you don’t know how to break an addiction holding you captive. 

There is hope for you, even in a situation that seems incredibly dark - through Jesus.

There is forgiveness for you, even if you feel like you are past the point of redemption - through Jesus.

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